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Personal Protective Equipment

Protect your lungs on the job with N95 filtration —
all day, every day. 

Respirators Designed for PPE

Approved personal protective equipment (PPE) can keep workers safe from airborne pathogens and particles like dust and ash. Professionals across dozens of industries can rely on the NIOSH-approved envo® mask respirator to stay safe at work.  


The safety of our healthcare workers is crucial to their success. With a replaceable N95 filter and a secure, comfortable gel seal, the envo® mask respirator is appropriate for use in certain healthcare environments.*

*Please seek approval from your workplace safety officer.

Construction & Trades

On-the-job hazards that require masking can include dust, ash, and other solid airborne particulates. The envo® mask N95 respirator ensures that you can perform your job safely and securely without compromise.

You don’t need to compromise comfort for safety.