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envo® pro N95 Respirator Kit


Each kit includes one (1) envo® pro respirator, three envo® pro (3) N95 filters, Holo headgear, and a storage case. Respirators come in two sizes: Regular or Extra Large.

The next level of protection in our line-up of respiratory masks, the envo® pro is a reusable half-face elastomeric respirator certified by NIOSH. Designed to fit most faces, the envo® pro offers additional face coverage while providing secure protection and comfort. Approved for use with envo® pro N95 filters only.

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Approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), the reusable N95 envo® pro respirator is designed for superior comfort and seal.

Each kit includes an N95 envo® pro respirator with the following features:

  • A lightweight plastic body that enables easy cleaning and filter changes.
  • Patented, latex-free AIRgel® cushion technology that contours around the face, providing secure, all-day comfort and freedom from foggy eyewear.

The kit also includes:

  • Three (3) individually packaged N95 filters that remain electrostatically charged until ready to use.
  • Holo headgear.
  • A slim case for easy transport.

Note: Only envo® pro filters are compatible with the envo® pro respirator body. No other filter may be used with the envo® pro body, regardless of fit. Please dispose of filters immediately following contamination or damage.

Features and Benefits



Compliant with guidelines for N95 respirators.



Easy-change filters and a washable plastic frame ensure long-term efficacy.


Superior protection and fit

AIRgel® technology conforms to the user’s face, providing a secure seal that helps to reduce air leakage.


Minimal skin irritation

Superior comfort means minimal mask-related pain or damaged skin.



The secure AIRgel® seal helps to prevent the fogging of glasses or goggles.


Long-term wear

Envo® was designed for all-day comfort and protection.


What is in the envo® pro kit?

Each envo® pro respirator kit comes with a mask body, filter cage, three filters, storage case, and Holo headgear.  You may choose either the N95 or N99 kit, which indicates the type of filter protection that comes with the kit.
  • Respirator body:  The respirator body is the main component of the envo® pro, with an interior gel cushion and outer plastic frame that holds the filter. The respirator body comes in two sizes: Regular and Extra-Large.
  • Filter Cage: The filter cage is a plastic frame that holds the filter in place on top of the mask body. It shapes and protects the filter from physical damage caused by handling.
  • Filters (3): Depending on which kit you choose, the envo® pro kit comes with either three N95 filters or three N99 filters with an exhalation valve.  Both filter types are NIOSH-Approved
  • Storage Case:  The storage case makes it easy to keep your mask components clean and in one place.

Does the envo® pro come in multiple sizes?

Yes. The envo® pro N95 comes in two sizes: Regular and Extra-Large.  For both sizes of the envo® pro, the outer edge height measures approximately 5.42 inches from top to bottom and the outer edge width measures approximately 5.02 inches from side to side. For the regular size mask, the inner width measures 3.4 inches and the inner height measures 2.88 inches.  For the extra-large mask, the inner height measures 3.075 inches and the inner width measures 3.4 inches.  The mask should fit easily on your nose, cheeks, and below the chin. For additional guidance, refer to the instructions for use.

What are the envo® pro filters made of?

The envo® pro filters are four layers, including proprietary fibers, making the envo® pro one of the lowest resistant masks on the market. Lower resistance equates to easier breathability.

What is the difference between the envo® mask and the envo® pro?

The envo® mask is an elastomeric quarter-facepiece respirator with N95 approval.  It is smaller than the envo® pro, and it comes in one size.  Additionally, the envo® mask is available with or without an exhalation valve. The envo® pro is an elastomeric half-facepiece respirator that comes in two sizes, regular and extra-large.  It is larger than the envo® mask, as it covers the nose, mouth, and chin.  It is available with an N95-approved filter or an N99-approved filter with an exhalation valve.

What is the return policy?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your envo® respirator, Clear Air, LLC (“CALLC”) accepts returns (if not used and in its original packaging) within 30 days of the date of shipment to you.