Why envo®

Envo® N95 & N99 respirators are some of the most comfortable masks available today.

With patented AIRgel® technology and superior protection, envo® respirators provide long-term safety and comfort.


Envo® respirators and filters are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH). 

Experience the DifferencE

See how envo® respirators stands apart.

The envo® mask and envo® pro are reusable, NIOSH-approved respirators built for comfort, sealed protection, and long-term wear no matter the setting.


Compliant with NIOSH standards.

Replaceable filters

Easy-change filters are individually packaged and remain clean until ready to use.


A lightweight, washable plastic frame ensures long-term efficacy.


AIRgel® technology provides a superior seal and helps to prevent the fogging of glasses or goggles.

Long-term wear

Envo® respirators are designed to minimize mask-related pain and irritation.


Save money on disposable masks and downtime caused by mask-related interruptions.


Envo® passes the test

We’ve created reliable and comfortable respirators that deliver a superior seal against airborne contaminants — learn more here.

I’m an ICU nurse and have to wear an N95 everyday, having an envo has made this much more comfortable to do. Its gel padding doesn’t cut into my face like normal N95s and feels more breathable to wear for long periods of time.
Jennifer Ross
ICU Nurse
The envo®mask with AIRgel has literally been a lifesaver to my everyday life, working in the hospital & outside life such as school.
Nicole Cook
Patient Care Technician

We designed envo® respirators with comfort in mind.