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envo® pro N99 Filters (25 ct.)


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Pack of 25 envo® pro N99 filters.  All envo® pro filters with an N99 designation are certified by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and they are designed for use with the envo® pro respirator.

SKU: 55060-25
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SKU: 55060-25
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Envo® pro filters are individually packaged for your safety.

  • Filters remain electrostatically charged until ready to use.
  • The two-piece design of the envo®mask respirator enables easy filter changes.

Please dispose of filters immediately following contamination or damage.

Note: Only envo®mask N95 filters are compatible with the envo®mask respirator body. No other filter may be used with the envo®mask body, regardless of fit.



Compliant with guidelines for N99 respirators.



Easy-change filters and a washable plastic frame ensure long-term efficacy.


Superior protection and fit

AIRgel® technology conforms to the user’s face, providing a secure seal that helps to reduce air leakage.


Minimal skin irritation

Superior comfort reduces the risk of mask-related pain or damaged skin.



The secure AIRgel® seal helps to prevent the fogging of glasses or goggles.


Long-term wear

Envo® was designed for all-day comfort and protection.


Can the filter be cleaned or reprocessed?

A filter may never be cleaned or reprocessed. Once you remove the filter from the mask, immediately discard the filter.

Does condensation in the mask affect the filter?

Condensation may occur when wearing the mask, which is normal. If condensation occurs, you do not need to replace the filter. Most of the moisture in your breath will escape through the filter of your mask. N95 and N99 respirators trap more moisture than cloth masks, but their filters allow enough air through so that a user can maintain a natural temperature. People experience temperatures differently, and some tend to be warmer than others. Our respirators cover up part of your skin that isn’t typically covered. Thus, this area cannot evaporate sweat and moisture, which may accumulate as you breathe out and moisture becomes trapped under the respirator.

How do I dispose of a respirator and/or filters?

If your respirator and filters have been subject to harsh environments, clean the respirators and dispose of the filters properly when finished. Never use a damaged respirator or a respirator with missing parts.

How long can I use a filter before removing and discarding it?

Please follow NIOSH N95 guidelines or consult your company’s safety officer. If the filter reaches maximum load and breathing becomes labored, immediately leave the contaminated environment then replace the filter with a new filter. If the filter material is physically damaged or soiled, you must discard and replace the filter. Always follow the guidelines provided by your company’s safety officer. For additional information, visit the CDC publication on filter usage provided by the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL). Here is an excerpt from the CDC website published by the National Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL).

What are the envo® mask filters made of?

The envo® mask N95 filters are four layers, including proprietary fibers, making the envo® mask one of the lowest resistant masks on the market. Lower resistance equates to easier breathability.