By Protection

Allergy Protection

Keep a clear head with allergen-blocking N95 filtration. 

Respirators Designed for Respiratory Allergies

Keep airborne irritants at bay with the envo® mask respirator. The replaceable N95 filter blocks plant and animal allergens that can cause respiratory issues and discomfort.

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal sufferers are familiar with the effects of ragweed and pollen, which can turn an otherwise beautiful day into an itchy, congested struggle to breathe. The envo® mask N95 respirator protects against many natural irritants, so you can enjoy the season without the side effects.

Environmental Allergies

There’s no guarantee that every space we enter will be free from allergens. Whether the culprit is pet dander, mold, or an accumulation of dust, the envo® mask N95 respirator allows you to breathe easy amidst potential allergy triggers.

You don’t need to compromise your comfort for safety.