Envo® mask for Medical Practices

N95 respiratory protection for medical practitioners and their patients.

Masks Designed for Medical Practices

With a replaceable N95 filter and a secure, comfortable gel seal, the envo® mask respirator is appropriate for use in certain healthcare environments.*

*Please seek approval from your workplace safety officer.

Primary & Subspecialty Care

Treat patients safely and securely with envo® mask. Approved by NIOSH, this ventless N95 respirator filters 95% of non-oil based particles, including many pathogens, allergens, and liquid contaminants.

Traveling Healthcare Professionals

With a washable plastic body and easy-change filters, envo® mask was designed for repeated, long-term use. Individually packaged N95 filters have a ten-year shelf life, and the low-profile storage case protects the envo® mask and its accessories when not in use.

Breathe easy wherever you go.