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envo® mask Vent Plugs (5 ct.)


Providing superior respiratory protection.

SKU: 70006-05
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SKU: 70006-05
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The envo®mask vent plug disables the exhalation port, forcing exhaled air through the N95 filter. This protects the wearer, as well as those around them, from potential airborne pathogens. The vent plug can be easily inserted into the vented envo®mask filter cover.

Note: Only envo®mask vent plugs are compatible with the vented envo®mask filter cover.

Why Envo®mask?



Compliant with guidelines for N95 respirators.



Easy-change filters and a washable plastic frame ensure long-term efficacy.


Superior protection and fit

AIRgel® technology conforms to the user’s face, providing a secure seal that helps to reduce air leakage.


Minimal skin irritation

Superior comfort reduces the risk of mask-related pain or damaged skin.



The secure AIRgel® seal helps to prevent the fogging of glasses or goggles.


Long-term wear

Envo®mask was designed for all-day comfort and protection.

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What if I have a shield and plug for air travel?

The use of plugs, shields, ventless filter covers, and other accessories often give airline employees a higher level of comfort, but we cannot guarantee the airlines will prohibit or allow the use of any mask or require you to wear another mask over our mask.

What is the purpose of the vent plug?

The vent plug provides two-way protection in the envo® mask that comes with an exhalation valve. Without the plug, the mask with an exhalation valve protects you from environmental particulates only. If you choose to use the plug, it will protect others from your air droplets that may carry a virus. The vent plug installs inside the filter cover and plugs the vent holes. If you purchase a mask without an exhalation valve, you do not need to use the vent plug.

Where is the mask manufactured?

Sleepnet Corporation manufactures the envo® mask in the USA at its headquarters in Hampton, New Hampshire.

What is the warranty for my envo® mask?

Envo® mask offers a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

Do you repair mask parts?

  • If any part of the mask breaks, you must replace the part.
  • There are no serviceable parts on the mask body. If any part of the mask body breaks or wears out, you must replace the mask body.
  • Never try to glue a broken part to extend the life of the mask body.
  • Accessory parts include mask bodies, filter covers, headgear, and shields. If you are looking for any piece inside these accessories, you must replace the entire part.