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envo® mask N95 Respirator Bundle (10 + Shield)


Save even more with our bundled offer. Each bundle includes one (1) respirator kit that comes with five (5) filters, ten (10) additional filters, and a shield.

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Approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), the reusable N95 envo® mask respirator is designed for superior comfort and seal.

Each bundle includes an N95 envo® mask kit with the following features:

  • A lightweight plastic body that enables easy cleaning and filter changes
  • Patented, latex-free Airgel Cushion technology that contours around the face, providing secure, all-day comfort and freedom from foggy eyewear.
  • Filter cover
  • Five (5) individually packaged filters that remain electrostatically charged until ready for use. Each filter has a ten-year shelf life, allowing for long-term storage
  • Your choice of a traditional Holo head strap or QuickFit earhooks.
  • A slim case for easy transport

The bundle also includes:

  • Ten (10) additional filters
  • A shield

Note: Only envo®mask N95 filters are compatible with the envo®mask respirator body. No other filter may be used with the envo®mask body, regardless of fit. Please dispose of filters immediately following contamination or damage.

Why Envo®Mask



Filters that are compliant with guidelines for N95 respirators.



Easy-change filters and a washable plastic frame ensure long-term efficacy.


Superior seal and fit

AIRgel® technology conforms to the user’s face, providing a secure seal that helps to reduce air leakage.


Minimal skin irritation

Advanced comfort means minimal mask-related pain or damaged skin.



The secure AIRgel® seal helps to prevent fogging of glasses or goggles.


Long-term wear

Envo®mask was designed for all-day comfort and protection.

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Can I wash an envo® respirator?

Wash the envo® mask or envo® pro with mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust.
  1. Remove the filter from the mask and discard it.
  2. Separate the filter cover and mask body, gently wash the mask face and mask body components, and allow air to dry.
  3. Once components are dry, reassemble the mask. Install new filters immediately before use.
  4. Do not machine wash or place in dishwasher.

Can I order both headgear options with my respirator?

Only for the envo® mask. For example, if you order the envo® mask with Holo headgear, you will need to order QuickFit headgear as an accessory.  The envo® pro only works with Holo headgear, and it is not approved for use with QuickFit headgear.

Can the filter be cleaned or reprocessed?

A filter may never be cleaned or reprocessed. Once you remove the filter from the mask, immediately discard the filter.

Can I wear the envo® mask or envo® pro while having an MRI?

Yes, but you must remove the metal pieces and parts in the headgear. You must remove the fastener and metal snaps at the end of the straps from the QuickFit headgear. You must remove the fastener from the Holo headgear. No other metals are in the mask.