Why envo®mask

The envo®mask N95 respirator body is a breeze to clean.

Simply wash with mild soap and water.

Washable & Durable

To keep your envo®mask respirator clean, simply detach the headgear and follow these steps:

  1. Separate the filter cover and the mask body. Remove the N95 filter from the mask and discard.
  2. Use a soft, dry cloth to remove dirt and dust from the plastic components.
  3. Hand wash all plastic components with mild soap and warm water. Let air dry. 
  4. Once all components are dry, reassemble the envo®mask. Install a new N95 filter immediately before use.


Experience the DifferencE

See how envo®mask stands apart.

Envo®mask is a reusable, NIOSH-approved N95 respirator built for comfort, sealed protection, and long-term wear no matter the setting.


Compliant with standards for N95 respirators.

Replaceable filters

Easy-change N95 filters are individually packaged and remain clean until ready to use.


A lightweight, washable plastic frame ensures long-term efficacy.


AIRgel® technology provides a superior seal and helps to prevent the fogging of glasses or goggles.

Long-term wear

Envo®mask was designed to minimize mask-related pain and irritation..


Save money on disposable masks and downtime caused by mask-related interruptions.


Envo® mask Passes the test

We’ve created a reliable, comfortable N95 respirator that delivers a superior seal against airborne contaminants — learn more here.

I absolutely love my envo n95 mask. I participate in aerosolizing procedures daily and this mask is not only comfortable but also makes me feel safe. The AIRgel is second to none. This mask is sleek and effective! What more could you ask for?
Eric J
Registered Nurse
I’m an ICU nurse and have to wear an N95 everyday, having an envo has made this much more comfortable to do. Its gel padding doesn’t cut into my face like normal N95s and feels more breathable to wear for long periods of time.
Jennifer Ross
ICU Nurse

We designed envo® mask with comfort in mind.