With AIRgel® technology, the N95 envo®mask is the most comfortable mask in its class.

envo masks have a superior seal

Superior Fit
Patented AIRgel® technology creates a form fitting seal around the face that minimizes leaks.

envo masks offer the comfort of a gel seal

AIRgel® Comfort
The softer-than-skin cushion provides maximum comfort while minimizing skin irritations.

envo masks don't fog up during use

Won’t Fog Goggles or Glasses
Form-fitting vapor barrier seals around the nose area, eliminating fogging of goggles or glasses.

envo masks 40% cost saving compared to single-use masks

Save Money vs Disposable N95 Masks
Envo®mask features a protective filter cover, reducing filter damage from handling.

envo masks offer effective filtration and excellent reusability

Replaceable Filters
Customers use fewer filters per day than the equivalent number of disposable masks.

envo masks increase productivity by letting you see better

Maximize Productivity
Fewer mask changes can lead to Increased productivity versus disposable N95 masks.

See The Difference

Reusable NIOSH-certified N95 respirator mask is designed for superior comfort and seal. The AIRgel cushion contours around the face and nose preventing glasses from fogging.

envo masks have effective and patented AIRgel seal

Patented AIRgel® technology creates a soft cushion that contours to your face, creating a custom and comfortable fit, preventing dirt and dust from penetrating the sides of the mask and leaving your face and nose clean. Take breaks without ruining the filter or needing to adjust the QuickFit headgear settings.

traditional masks have ineffective seals

Traditional N95 Mask
Taking a break with traditional masks results in contaminating the mask against your chin or forehead. The lack of a form-fitting seal in traditional masks allows dust and particulates to leak through the sides of the mask. Dust on the face under the mask is evidence of a poor seal.


Effective seal and anti-fog barriers keep your safety goggles clear and fog-free.

traditional masks fog up during use

Traditional N95 Mask
Any mask without a good seal may fog glasses.

Shop Our Popular Items

Envo®mask N95 Respirator Kit
Our NIOSH-approved N95 respirator mask features a patented AIRgel cushion that contours around the face providing a superior seal.

Envo®mask Shield
The envo mask shield is a physical barrier that protects the filter and installs by clipping onto the mask’s filter cover.

Replacement Filters (25 Count)
 Individually packaged to provide a clean, electrostatically charged filter to be installed prior to each use.

An N95 mask with next-level features