Why envo® mask?

Why envo® mask?

AIRgel® Affords the Ultimate in Comfort and Seal

Comfort yields compliance. The softer-than-skin AIRgel® cushion, made of biocompatible components, provides maximum comfort while minimizing skin irritations. The most effective mask is one that is suitable for the job and worn during the entire task, and envo® mask is the most comfortable mask in its class.

Protect the filter from physical damage

Filter fits securely between the mask components protecting it from physical damage caused by handling. Disposable mask users waste several masks per day due to physical damage caused by taking the mask on and off. In many real life examples, our customers use up to 60 percent less filters than when they use disposable masks.


Typical use cases experience a 40-60% reduction in overall costs. Don’t take our word for it, let us do a cost analysis for your company. We will use your data to show you how to reduce costs significantly.

Easy on, Easy off

Patent pending QuickFit head strap system offers a hangable solution that quickly reattaches for use. Take a break in a clean area without contaminating the inside of your mask. The QuickFit headgear is worn around the neck and attached to the ears, avoiding any contact with the back of the head.


The mask and storage case with replacement filters fit almost anywhere. Have your mask ready when you need it. The mask is small enough to fit in a glove compartment or tool box.

A comfortable, durable, compact mask that seals will translate to better productivity without compromising safety.
The envo® mask is made with US and globally sourced materials and manufactured in the USA.