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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects often involve working with various materials, such as paints, adhesives, or woodworking dust, which can release harmful particles and fumes into the air. To ensure the safety of DIY enthusiasts and protect them from inhaling potentially hazardous substances, the envo® mask can be a valuable tool. 


Meet Sarah, an avid DIY enthusiast who loves taking on home improvement projects. Recently, she has been working on refinishing a piece of furniture in her garage. The project involves sanding, painting, and applying a finish, all of which generate airborne particles that can be harmful to respiratory health. 

Sarah understands the importance of protecting her lungs from inhaling dust and other airborne particulates during her DIY projects. She decides to use the envo® mask, a high-quality N95 elastomeric respirator mask designed to filter out airborne particulates and provide a secure seal around the nose and mouth. 

Sarah opts for the envo® mask with an exhalation valve due to the conditions of her DIY projects. Given the nature of her refinishing project, which involves activities like sanding, painting, and applying finishes, the airborne particles generated can make the work environment challenging. The exhalation valve in the envo® mask provides Sarah with a cooler and less restrictive breathing experience. This feature becomes particularly beneficial during prolonged DIY sessions, as it allows for efficient exhalation and minimizes heat buildup inside the mask. By choosing the envo® mask with an exhalation valve, Sarah ensures not only the filtration of harmful particulates but also a more comfortable and breathable experience, enhancing her overall safety and well-being during her home improvement endeavors. 

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • Protects Against Harmful Particles: By wearing the envo® mask, Sarah significantly reduces her exposure to harmful particles, promoting a safer working environment for her DIY endeavors. 
  • Comfortable Fit: The envo® mask is designed for a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring that Sarah can wear it for extended periods without discomfort. 
  • Reusable and Durable: The envo® mask is reusable, allowing DIY enthusiasts like Sarah to use it for multiple projects. Its durable construction ensures longevity, making it a cost-effective choice for respiratory protection. 
  • Easy to Clean: After completing her DIY project, Sarah can easily clean the mask by removing the filters and washing the components with soap and warm water. 


The envo® mask is an important piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for DIY enthusiasts like Sarah, providing reliable respiratory protection during home improvement projects. Its protection, comfort, and durability make it an asset for those who prioritize their health and safety while pursuing their passion for DIY projects. 

The envo® mask N95 respirator   

Our reusable quarter-face respirator is NIOSH-approved, comfortable, secure, and designed for long-term wear. The envo® mask combines respiratory protection with superior comfort in a sleek, compact design. Approved for use with our N95 filters, the envo® mask comes with or without an exhalation valve.   

The envo® pro N95/N99 respirator    

The next level of protection in our line-up of respiratory masks, the envo® pro, is a reusable half-face elastomeric respirator certified by NIOSH. Designed to fit most faces, the envo® pro offers additional face coverage while providing secure protection and comfort. Approved for use with either our N95 or N99 filters. Our N99 filters come with a built-in exhalation valve.