Why envo®mask

The envo®mask N95 respirator is one of the most comfortable masks in its class.

With patented AIRgel® technology and superior protection, the envo®mask respirator provides long-term safety and comfort.


Envo® mask is approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) for N95 protection. 

Experience the DifferencE

See how envo® mask stands apart.

Envo® mask is a reusable, NIOSH-approved N95 respirator built for comfort, sealed protection, and long-term wear no matter the setting.


Compliant with standards for N95 respirators.

Replaceable filters

Easy-change N95 filters are individually packaged and remain clean until ready to use.


A lightweight, washable plastic frame ensures long-term efficacy.


AIRgel® technology provides a superior seal and helps to prevent the fogging of glasses or goggles.

Long-term wear

Envo® mask was designed to minimize mask-related pain and irritation..


Save money on disposable masks and downtime caused by mask-related interruptions.


Envo® mask Passes the test

We’ve created a reliable, comfortable N95 respirator that delivers a superior seal against airborne contaminants — learn more here.

We designed envo® mask with comfort in mind.