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The envo®mask is differentiated from other N95 respirators on several fronts.  

Manufactured in the U.S.A. 

First, these reusable N95 respirators are proudly constructed in Hampton, New Hampshire. Manufactured by Sleepnet Corporation and distributed by Clear Air, LLC, the envo®mask provides economic opportunity for workers in the United States.  

NIOSH Approved 

Second, these N95 respirators are certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a sister agency to the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of September 2019. According to the CDC, “When worn consistently and properly, they [NIOSH-certified respirators] provide the highest level of protection from particles, including the virus that causes COVID-19.” 

Superior Seal and Long-term Comfort 

Third, the envo®mask is skillfully crafted with Sleepnet Corporation’s patented AIRgel® technology. A medical-grade silicone gel, this technology offers myriad benefits to envo®mask wearers. Continue reading to learn more about these benefits and why they’re unique.  

AIRgel® technology acts as a cushioning mechanism that contours around an envo®mask wearer’s face and nose. In doing so, this gel offers a form-fitting seal that reduces inward and outward leakage, protecting you and others. This seal provides a superior user experience for envo®mask wearers.  

For example, one common critique of N95 respirators is that wearers can experience fogging over their eyewear, such as reading spectacles or protective goggles. This clouding can inhibit visibility. The envo®mask overcomes this limitation with the cushioning and contouring effects of AIRgel® technology. 

Another criticism of this type of personal protective equipment (PPE) is that extensive use can result in facial irritation. The CDC explains, “Friction can occur during normal working movement, including head or face movement, and when speaking or breathing… Persons wearing respirators for long hours, such as during a pandemic, are at increased risk for skin irritation because of the long hours of skin contact.”  

AIRgel® technology combats this issue by providing superior comfort. The envo®mask with patented AIRgel® technology minimizes skin irritation and markings significantly compared to other N95 masks. To that end, this patented gel affords long-term protection to members of the general public, as well as professionals across industries such as construction and healthcare.  

Envo®masks with AIRgel® technology are keeping real people like you, your family, and your colleagues healthy and safe while remaining comfortable. To learn more about how this patented gel works to provider wearers with a sealed and superior fit, we invite you to check out the following videos: The envomask® Difference and AIR°gel Technology – Sleepnet.    

Are you ready to invest in NIOSH-approved N95 respirators with AIRgel® technology for yourself, your loved ones, and your workforce? Visit the envo mask store today and make an investment in your health and safety without compromising on comfort.