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Envo® mask is manufactured by Sleepnet Corporation, a world-leading producer of sleep apnea and non-invasive ventilation masks. Together, Sleepnet and envo® mask have six core values that all employees abide by in order to manufacture and distribute the best products possible. Our six core values help us stay true to putting our customers at the […]

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  • NH Business Review- Business Excellence Award

    NH Business Review- Business Excellence Award

    On October 6th, CEO of Sleepnet, Tom Moulton, was recognized at the 19th annual NH Business Review Business Excellence Award, a celebration of the initiative, …Read More »
  • Welcome, Ellie!

    Welcome, Ellie!

    Envo mask would like to welcome Supervisor of Customer Service, Ellie, to the team! Ellie is from Norwood, Massachusetts, and has been working in customer …Read More »

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  • Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

      October is #breastcancerawarenessmonth 💓 Envo mask supports the fighters, admires the survivors, honors the taken, and will never give up hope 🎗️Read More »
  • N95’s Fight Against Fire

    N95’s Fight Against Fire

    American Geophysical Union on N95 masks and smoke protection, “We find that N95 respirators, a special type of face covering that meets regulatory standards, offer a promising means to reduce the inhalation of particulate air pollution and thereby reduce the risk of negative health effects¹…” ¹Kodros, J. K., O’Dell, K., Samet, J. M., L’Orange, C., […]Read More »
  • AIR°gel®: Effective and Innovative Comfort

    AIR°gel®: Effective and Innovative Comfort

    Ever wonder what this “AIR°gel®” is that we are always talking about? Our AIR°gel® technology makes our N95 envo® mask the most comfortable mask in its class. Our AIR°gel® is a softer-than-skin cushion that provides maximum comfort while minimizing skin irritation. The patented technology creates a form-fitting seal around the face that minimizes leaks and […]Read More »
  • Thank You, Community Heroes!

    Thank You, Community Heroes!

    We wouldn’t be us without all of you. Thank you to the frontline workers who put their health and safety on the line to help others day in and day out. We admire your selflessness, commitment, and courage during these unprecedented times and deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. You are demonstrating what it is […]Read More »
  • Experience the Envo® Mask Difference

    Experience the Envo® Mask Difference

    Our AIR°gel ® technology provides maximum comfort and superior seal. Envo ® mask offers two headgear choices including Holo (Traditional) which secures around the crown of the head, or the QuickFit (Earhook Mount). Our customers use fewer filters per day with envo® mask than the equivalent number of disposable masks. The envo® mask shield is […]Read More »
  • A Special Thank You to Teachers

    A Special Thank You to Teachers

    As another school year rolls around, we wanted to take the time to thank our teachers. The 2020 school year brought unprecedented challenges, which were handled with such strength and resiliency. As we look forward to the current 2021 school year, we want to sincerely thank our teachers, who have stepped up to ensure students […]Read More »
  • Envo Mask Top Pick on

    Envo Mask Top Pick on

    We are thrilled to be the top pick for “best face mask brands” by local Boston readers and to be recognized by “The best N95 mask out there. Made right in N.H., this mask is super comfortable with a silicon gel seal around your face so it creates a seal. The filters are easily […]Read More »
  • Envo Mask: Comfort and Protection

    Envo Mask: Comfort and Protection

    When it comes to your safety, you shouldn’t have to compromise. That’s why we took significant care in developing envo mask. Our NIOSH-certified N95 mask combines one-of-a-kind comfort with all-day protection. Follow along as we continuously search for solutions that improve the quality of life for our customers. We care because you care. #envomask #n95 […]Read More »